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GPS Web Cloud Software based on GPS and free online gps server application in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore for all types of GPS tracker used as a vehicle tracking tracking device and available Android, IOS

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Why Server IDTRACK

ONLY 5 Minutes¬†Your GPS Can Auto Online! You Save Time and Power … No Need to Making Your Own Server! and all of our difficulties are HELP!

The IDTRACK GPS Tracker feature has a UI / UX design that meets all the needs of the GPS Tracking System. With a very user friendly look! Very Easy for You to Read and Analyze Your Business Growth


10 years experience

This IDTRACK GPS server is designed for malaysia GPS Servers to Foreign Countries, IDTRACK Has Free GPS Server Service (1 Month Free Trial) and Support of All GPS Tracker Products in malaysia, Other Strengths are 1 Login Can Be Many Vehicles If You Have Used Trace Orange GPS Server, GPS Tracksolid Server, GPS Tracker ID, it is worth trying to use the Server GPS Tracker Free service from IDTRACK


Multiple Operating System

GPS Server ( Provides Cooporate Facilities for Open Source Gps Tracking Servers in the form of the Json API or GPS Server Software. Can also provide an option for mobile gps servers can be integrated with GPS tracking server software free download and provision of GPS hosting server tracking services. Free GPS servers can be enjoyed only on


Easy and Fast Access

For Corporate or GPS Traders, you do not need to be troublesome to make a gps tracker server, because it has already prepared all the GPS Server ID feature requirements for you. Simply Register and Login Can Be Used Directly. Want to use the Android or iOS net server gps. Free ID Tracker Track Server with a 30 day trial period. Use Malaysia's Best Online GPS Opportunities Now.

Best Fiture Server IDTRACK

IDTRACK Provides All Malaysian GPS Tracker Features. We Create Only 1000% Special ORIGINAL Malaysia. Does Your Company Need Server Integration? Need a White Label? Need your own application? IDTRACK CAN DEFINITELY !!!


With Malaysian GPS Server we have provided the best quality tracking. Realtime GPS data with intervals of data that can be received up to 5-10 seconds


MAPS integration is no less important in every GPS server, so integration of API maps that are directly connected with GOOGLE MAP + Live Traffic


In addition to data that can already be downloaded in excell form, we also provide chart mode to view trip reports or roll back trips


Determine the location points that are frequently visited, so as to facilitate the process of trip reports that can be seen based on the points that have been previously determined


The vehicle search process is very easy because in the Android and Iphone applications we have added the Navigation Keys


Reports include: Travel Reports, Parking Reports, Mileage Reports Travel Time, Work Time Reports, BBM Reports Alarm Reports, Geofance Reports, and others.


Security Control The vehicle located on the server is the Cut Engine Feature through the application. Namely the button to turn off the engine remotely quickly


The many features needed by these clients make the server more complete with deviant Path Settings. give limits to every vehicle

Price Server GPS provide a choice of gps server prices according to your needs. The Malaysian GPS Server price that we provide includes Premium Google Maps with 24 Location Non-Facility Location Updates, Google Maps Navigation and Google Street View. We Ensure 1 Account Can Be Used For Many Vehicles


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3 Month Package



Package 3 Month Package for Malaysian GPS Server with i7 Equivalent Speed. Complete All Features. Calculation of Price Based on Device

6 Month Package



Package 6 Month Package for Malaysian GPS Server with i7 Equivalent Speed. Complete All Features. Calculation of Price Based on Device

12 Month Package



Package 12 Month Package for Malaysian GPS Server with i7 Equivalent Speed. Complete All Features. Calculation of Price Based on Device



Admin Panel

Special Reseller Package for Traders, Sellers, Distributors of GPS Tracker. Obtain full access rights to the administrator. Manage Users and Units stand alone

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Available For Account Administrator for GPS Sellers / GPS Stores / GPS / GPS Reseller Agents / GPS Suppliers / GPS Tracker Distributors

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