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GPS SERVER IDTRACK is a company registered in West Java PT.Digital Sarana Transportasi which specializes in GPS tracking services and software development. platform has been designed by more than 50 contributors including company employees and external contributors with expertise in the field of GPS tracking. A team of more than 100 also work on project localization. platform is used by thousands of businesses in more than 21.590 device at indonesia ( all coverege indonesia ) developers have experience in all areas of software development, from back-end and web based to native mobile applications.

Office :

PT. Digital Sarana Transportasi

IDTRACK | StartUp GPS Indonesia
Ligar Raya Street No.36 Bandung City
West Java, Indonesia

IT And Development
Pinus 1 Street No.220, Cirebon City, West Java, Indonesia. Google Maps

Company registration number: 75.657.354.9-426.000

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